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GS/A Enduro Windscreen
R1200 GS/A 2005~12

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COOL, WHEN IT'S HOT!  Slipscreen is designed for riders who are affected by the wind noise and buffeting of the stock GS screen and want a stylish, comfortable alternative for warm weather & dirt riding. Slipscreen is the sleek solution that is short enough not to upset air flow at helmet level reducing noise, while still creating a pocket of still air up to chest level for comfort.

Made in high impact ABS, it is finished in satin black metallic and mounts with the stock hardware to retain tilt adjustability.

Mounting to a GSA requires the use of four parts made for the standard GS - the two-piece Locking Disk and Covering for the left and right sides. These are the black plastic donuts that snap into the left and right mounting holes of the Slipscreen. The Clamping Bolts pass through them. They are available from your BMW dealer.
Part numbers:

46637707221  Locking Disc Left
46637707222  Locking Disc Right
46637673913  Covering Left
46637673914  Covering Right

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