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MaMo designs and develops specialized products to protect and improve your BMW and other Adventure model brands.  Function drives the unique solutions – always with a Design Edge.


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Certain International orders may exceed several weeks transit time shipped via the US Postal Service. If you would like to upgrade shipping to another carrier, please e-mail sales@machineartmoto.com.

ADVance Guard Hand Guards, Kit-1 for BMW R1200/1250 GS/A_LC, are in limited supply ADVance-Guards…

Special – 20% off – a $50 Savings on R9T Kit-2 ADVance Guard for 2017~2022 BMW R nineT : Scrambler, Pure, & Urban GSADVance Guard for R nineT .

$10 off on MudSling Rear Suspension Guards for 2015~2022 R1200/1250 R/RS. MudSling protects the rear shock and components from dirt accumulation and looks minimal when installed. MudSling R1200/1250 R/RS…

A new 2021-22 version Avant RT 21+ Front Fender Extension for the R1250 RT will be available in early 2022.  The currently available Avant RT 1250/1200 fits 2014~2020 RTs. It does NOT FIT 2021 RTs since the shape of the 2021 RT front fender has changed. Avant RT fits 2014~2020 models

X–Head 1250 cylinder guards are wide coverage, unbreakable and  fit 2019~2022 R1250 models.
See the installation video link on the product page…  X-Head 1250…  

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R1250 GS/A
X-Head 1250 + MudSling Bundle
off – $298  
save $46

R1250/1200 GS/A
MudSling+ Avant Bundle
15% off – $177  save $31

R1200 RT_LC
X-Head 1200_LC + Avant Bundle
off – $245
save $44

R nineT – 2014~2020
MudSling + X-Head DOHC Bundle
Currently Out of Stock