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MaMo designs and develops specialized products to protect and improve your BMW and other Adventure model brands.  Function drives the unique solutions – always with a Design Edge.


ADVance Guard v2 will be here by the week of May 10th!  The 2nd generation Multi-Functional Hand Guards retain the appearance and easy wind control adjustability of the original model and are improved with a new tough Nylon frame that is more resilient against impact. Kits will now fit more models and may be ordered soon. In the meantime, you may see the range here…

Bundles Save You 15% – Specially priced protection products sets for your BMW give you the best cylinder and suspension guard protection & design.

SLIPSCREEN Enduro Windscreen for 2005~2012 GS models is available again in limited numbers. SLIPSCREEN is comfortable for riding off-road and in warm temperatures, and, its minimal appearance looks sporting. Slipscreen 2005~12…

30% off MudSling suspension guard for R nineT – Urban GS, Scrambler, Racer, Pure.
MudSling protects your rear suspension and surrounding surfaces from abrasion by road debris and minimizes sideways rain splashout.  MudSling R nineT

The Avant RT 1250/1200 front fender extension does NOT FIT 2021 models.
BMW changed the shape of the 2021 RT front fender and MachineartMoto is developing a new version to become available later in the year. Avant RT fits 2014~2020 models

X–Head 1250 cylinder guards fit 2019/2020/2021 R1250 models.
See the installation video link on the product page…  X-Head 1250…  

Chasing HorizonBMW Motorcycle Owners of America Interview with Andrew of MachineartMoto
A podcast by, for & about motorcyclists. Learn how it started on: Chasing the Horizon 088.


R1250 GS/A
X-Head 1250 + MudSling Bundle
off – $292

R1250/1200 GS/A
MudSling+ Avant Bundle
15% off – $168

R1200 RT_LC
X-Head 1200_LC + Avant Bundle
off – $245

R nineT – 2014~2020
MudSling + X-Head DOHC Bundle
20% off – $251