a DESIGN EDGE for your BMW
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MaMo designs and develops specialized products to protect and improve your BMW.  Function drives the unique solutions – always with a Design Edge.


  • Warm weather is here and R1200 GS/A_LC owners can gain some comfort with our SLIPSCREEN short windscreen when off-roading or sport riding. Slipscreen is available in Satin Black or Granite Grey metallic. Granite Grey is on sale at 30% OFF.
  • X-Head Cylinder Guards for 2005~2009 R1200 models are again available! We’ve brought them back to satisfy rider demand. X-Head’s tough polymer and wide coverage assures cylinder protection if dropped.
  • R1200 R/RS_LC owners can choose from two 15% OFF product Bundles: the 2-Bundle Protection Guard setor the 3-Bundle set which includes the Protection Guard Set and MaMo Light Bars designed for mounting LED Driving Lights. Learn more on the R1200 R/RS page.
  • MudSling rear suspension guards are once again available for the previous generation oil-cooled R1200GS2005~2012 + 2013 GSA. If you’re upgrading suspension for these older models, MudSling is the perfect anti-abrasion & muck Guard.
  • For summer camping have a look at the Sterno Inferno Portable Camp Stove on the GEAR page. The Inferno is compact, can carry two canned heat fuel containers, does not take up much room in your panniers and is inexpensive.