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MudSling R nineT

X-Head DOHC + MudSling™ R9T Bundle

all 2014~20 R nineT models
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This Bundle provides high level protection for your R nineT. Used together, the X-Head DOHC and MudSling R nineT will keep your bike looking new longer. And less time cleaning and maintaining means more time riding.

X-Head DOHC cylinder guards fit 2014~20 R nineT models. (They do NOT FIT the 2021+ models since BMW changed the shape of the cylinder head.)

X-Head DOHC's are designed to protect more of the cylinder head surface than any other guard for these bikes in the event of a fall. Even if it gets away from you in the driveway, the inertia will cause the bike to roll onto the face of the cover before the bike settles down on the bottom of the cylinder.

The MudSling R nineT rear suspension guard will fit all R nineT models - Classic, Pure, Scrambler, Urban GS, and Racer.

NOTE: Installation to the original "Classic" R nineT with the OEM BMW shock requires an extra step in the process. Be sure to read the installation information via the link below.

MudSling R nineT protects these bikes' wide open rear suspension area from stone chip damage, mud accumulation, and reduces rain splash-out. It is designed to look slender and integrated with the minimal styling of the R nineT.

MudSling R nineT fits with the BMW shock, Ohlins BM650, and other premium shocks. Some adjustment of the hydraulic spring preload adjuster position may be needed on your model. Installation is simple using four screws to existing points on the frame.

Download X-Head DOHC Installation Guide.

Download MudSling R nineT Installation Guide.

Download Classic R nineT Installation Supplement

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