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X-Head 1250 + MudSling GS LC

X-Head 1250 + MudSling GS LC Bundle

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PROTECT your new R1250 with the 15% off Product Bundle that includes X-Head 1250 cylinder guards and the MudSling rear suspension guard.   NOTE: X-Head 1250 Do Not Fit the 719 option.

* X-Head 1250 are molded in a SuperTough polymer with a No Break rating and covers 75% of the face of the head to protect not only the bottom/front initial impact area, but also the mid part of the cylinder head. With its blend of high impact strength, temperature and UV stabilization, the injection molded shell is designed to be slightly ductile in impact to prevent breakage. On the inside of the shell is a thermoplastic rubber liner that rests against the face of the cylinder to aid in dissipating impact force while preventing hard contact. Each side mounts easily with 3 stainless steel M5 T25 Torx Head screws.

* The MudSling GS rear suspension guard, injection molded in resilient polypropylene, fits BMW 2013~22 R1200/1250 GS& 2014~22 R1200/1250 GSA models to protect the rear shock and surrounding areas from stone damage, mud and tar accumulation.  MudSling mounts to the existing short inner fender and to the sides of the frame, fitting between the rear tire and suspension increasing the surface width to each side up to 3" and downwards 7" for a total of 200% more coverage area than stock. Installation takes less than 5 minutes.

MudSling GS fits best with the standard fitment street biased tires on both the R1200/1250 GS and GSA:  Metzler Tourance Next, Michelin Anakee, Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41R and Pirelli Rallye STR.

There are a limited number of knobby tires that fit, depending on whether mounted to a GS or GSA. This is due to differences in tire cross-section shapes and diameters as there is not much clearance between the rear tire and the Paralever on the GSA.  Refer to the following basic guide for knobby fit with MudSling – all makers’ tires have not been tested.

Knobbies that FIT GS:  Michelin Anakee Wild; Continental TKC80; Mitas MT 07.

NOT FIT GS: Shinko 805; Hidenau 60 Scout.

Knobbies that FIT GSA: Michelin Anakee Wild.

NOT FIT GSA: Continental TKC-70; TKC-80; Mitas MT 07; Shinko 805; Hidenau 60 Scout.  Tire fit is subject to variables that may affect your actual installation.

MudSlingGS continues the tradition of enhanced functionality, attention to detail, and quality appearance.

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