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X-Head 1250
MudSling GS LC
Avant GS LC

X-Head 1250 + MudSling™ GS LC + Avant GS LC Bundle

R1200 LC / 1250 GS/A 2013~24
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MaMo's 3-piece protection Bundles give you the most top level coverage for your dollar. Easy to install on your 1250 GS or GSA, our X-Heads, MudSling™ and Avant work together to keep your bike looking like new, and let you focus on the ride, not  the clean-up.

Consider adding our ADVance Guard handguards to your order to get even more exceptional MaMo protection on your 1250 GS/A.

NOTE: X-Head 1250 Do Not Fit Over the 719 option.

X-Head 1250's thick, high impact strength injection molded material is designed to absorb impact force and prevent breakage. In between the shell and the cylinder head is a thick thermoplastic rubber liner that aids in dissipating impact force while preventing hard contact. Each side mounts easily with 3 stainless steel M5 T25 Torx Head screws provided.

MudSling GS LC + Avant GS LC provide excellent protection of surrounding surfaces, front and rear, from stone damage, and mud and tar accumulation thrown back by the front and rear tires.

MudSling GS LC rear suspension guard protects the rear shock and paralever areas. It mounts in between the rear tire and suspension, increasing the surface width to each side up to 3" and downwards 7" - a total of 200% more coverage area than stock. It is secured to the existing short inner fender and to the sides of the frame.

The Avant GS LC front fender extension is designed for "no drill" installation to protect the painted front engine surfaces and the exhaust headers vulnerable to chipping from road debris, increasing longevity and reducing clean-up. It installs in just 5 minutes.

For more information on each product, and fitments with crash bars, skid plates, different tire brands, etc., please visit the individual product page:

X-Head 1250

MudSling™ GS LC

Avant GS LC

Download X-Head 1250 Installation Guide.

Watch X-Head 1250 Installation Video.

Download MudSling GS LC Installation Guide.

Watch MudSling GS LC Installation Video.

Download the Avant GS LC Installation Guide.

Watch the Avant GS LC Installation Video.

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