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MudSling GS LC
Avant GS LC

MudSling™ GS LC + Avant GS LC Bundle

R1200 LC / 1250 GS/A 2013~24
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This Bundle brings exceptional value as a basic two-product installation to keep your bike looking new longer. You'll spend less time cleaning and maintaining, and more time on the road.

MudSling GS LC + Avant GS LC provide excellent protection of surrounding surfaces, front and rear, from stone damage, and mud and tar accumulation from the front and rear tires.

MudSling GS LC rear suspension guard protects the rear shock and paralever areas. It mounts between the rear tire and suspension, increasing the surface width to each side up to 3" and downwards 7" - a total of 200% more coverage area than stock. It is secured to the existing short inner fender and to the sides of the frame.

The Avant GS LC front fender extension is designed for "no drill" installation to protect the painted front engine surfaces and the exhaust headers vulnerable to chipping from road debris, increasing longevity and reducing clean-up. It installs in just 5 minutes.

For information on MudSling GS LC fitment with different types of tires, please read the full description on the product page HERE.

For information on Avant GS LC fitment with OEM & aftermarket Skid Plates, please read the full description on the product page HERE.

Download MudSling GS LC Installation Guide.

Watch MudSling GS LC Installation Video.

Download the Avant GS LC Installation Guide.

Watch the Avant GS LC Installation Video.

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