ADVance Guard Kit 1-F-G

Fitment to 2019~23 F850 / 750 GS Using Handlebar Risers

Fitment of the ADVance Guard to the F800, 700, and 650 GS is straightforward using the contents of Kit ADV-GD-K1-GS. Fitment to the 2019~2023 F850/750GS is more involved in that it first requires installation of handlebar setback/risers mounts (such as those made by ROX, Wunderlich, Touratech and others) in order to create sufficient clearance between the Guards and these new models’ very large TFT displays. A setback mount is essential to prevent damage to the display at full left/right steering lock.

See the photo to understand the tight relationships between the F850GS brake master cylinder and the TFT display. We will update this notice after we’ve mounted a ROX setback mount and taken photos.

2019 F850 GS Handlebar