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1 12GS_XH LC


Advance Guard

ADVance Guard





2 12GS AV_LC


The AVANT_LC front fender extension for 2013~2018 R1200GS/ADV and the 2019 R1250GS/A is designed for "no drill"  installation to protect the painted front engine surface and the exhaust headers vulnerable to premature chipping from road debris and coating with tar and mud. AVANT helps control this environmental assault, increasing longevity and reducing clean-up.

The Avant installs in three minutes with two self-locking screw clamps that grip the underside of the fender, as well as engaging the tip of the fender for a secure fit. AVANT_LC can be easily removed for transfer to another bike in the future without leaving disfiguring holes behind.

Injection molded in tough polypropylene, AVANT fits perfectly and its texture matches the stock BMW fender. It is shown in the photos with BMW's optional Enduro Skid Plate fitted to the standard GS.

AVANT_LC fits the 2014+ GS/A with BMW's standard skid plate, but does not fit the GS/A comfortably with the optional Enduro Skid Plate - part #77148533747. To enable longer suspension travel on the ADV, front end caster angle was changed reducing clearance between the AVANT_LC and the Enduro plate.

Two aftermarket skid plates verified to fit with the AVANT on the GS/A are from Wunderlich, shown  in one of the photos here, and the Touratech Expedition plate.

The following skid plate DOES NOT FIT with the AVANT_LC:  Black Dog.  Alt Rider and SW Motech skid plates fit the standard GS, but not the GSA.   We are testing other skid plates over time and will post them in our BLOGROLL.


$79.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

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3 12GS MS_LC


MudSling™ GS_LC rear suspension guard fits both the BMW R1200GS/A and R1250 GS/A models, and protects the rear shock and surrounding areas from stone damage, mud  and tar accumulation. MudSling™ mounts to the existing short inner fender and to the sides of the frame and in between the rear tire and suspension, increasing the surface width to each side up to 3" and downwards 7" for a total of 200% more coverage area than stock.

MudSling™_LC is injection molded in resilient polypropylene with a fine texture matching other molded surfaces on the GS. It is precisely shaped to engage the bottom of the existing fender and fits tightly against the frame where it is secured. Installation takes less than 5 minutes.

MudSling™ fits with BMW stock pannier mounts for both the GS and ADV, as well as Touratech Zega Pro and SW Motech. It does not fit with Hepco Becker, and Jesse Odessey II mounts.

Tires that FIT with MudSling™ on the GS and GSA are the standard fitment street biased dual sport tires, like the Metzeler Tourance Next, Michelin Anakee, and Continental Trail Attack. Knobbies that FIT the standard GS are Michelin Wild and Continental TKC-80.  Knobbies that DO NOT FIT the standard GS are Mitas 07, Shinko 805 and Hidenau 60 Scout. Knobbies that DO NOT FIT the GSA are Continental TKC-80, TKC-70, Mitas 07, Shinko 805, and Hidenau 60 Scout.

MudSling™12GS_LC continues the tradition of enhanced functionality, attention to detail, and quality appearance.


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$129.00 $119.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

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4 12GS_LC bundle

AV+MS bundle

COVER BOTH ENDS of your liquid-cooled GS for 15% less. Fits R1200GS and R1250GS models.

The Avant GS_LC front fender extension and MudSling™ GS_LC rear fender bundle are a matched set designed to protect vulnerable surrounding parts from rock  throw-back, tar, and mud accumulation.  No crude drilling of mounting holes is needed!

The Avant, with 5.5" of extra length and 2" of width,  protects the painted front surface of the engine from being inevitably pock marked over time. It mounts in 3 minutes, engaging the tip of the stock fender with a molded-in "shoe", and  with two compact screw clamps that engage the underside of the stock fender. You can easily remove it again for maintenance or move it to another bike.

MudSling™ protects the rear shock and surrounding areas from rock scrapes, mud and tar accumulation, while reducing rain splash out to the sides onto the backs of riders' legs.  It's surface width is increased to each side up to 3" and downwards 7" for a total of 200% more coverage area than stock. MudSling™ is precisely shaped to engage the bottom of the existing fender and fit against both side frame tubes where it is secured with nylon zip ties. Installation takes less than 5 minutes. MudSling™ fits with BMW stock pannier mounts for both the GS and ADV, as well as Touratech Zega Pro, and Jesse. It does not fit with Hepco Becker mounts.

Both the Avant GS_LC and MudSling™GS_LC are injection molded in resilient polypropylene, and have the same fine surface texture to match other molded surfaces on the GS.


$208.00 $177.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

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ADVance Guard multi-functional hand guards are uniquely designed to provide broad protection and easy adjustability for a variety of weather and riding conditions. ADVance Guards fit the most popular brands of Adventure Touring  motorcycles and are the most versatile and effective hand guards available. Fitments to more brands and models will be introduced over time.

Adjustable Wind Protection
ADV and Dual Sport riders must adapt to a wide variety of environmental and weather conditions – from highway to single track, hot temperature in the dirt, warm air in the countryside, or driving rain and cold temperatures on the interstate. The ADVance Guard height adjustable Sliding Shield and removable front Insert enable you to easily adapt to prevailing conditions without the need for tools.

Aluminum Twin Spar Frame
The wide twin spar frame is designed to provide broad coverage and be easily configured. With or without the front Insert installed, the Frame covers not only the hands, but also the control levers and switches. Used by itself without the Insert or Adjustable Shield attached, the open center permits cooling air flow. The Frame mounts to the bar end and at a second point to the handlebar with forged aluminum Mounts shaped to clear control cables for different motorcycle models.

ADVance is an assembly of 3 main components:

  1. A Twin Spar Frame with an open airflow front.
  2. An Insert that snaps into the open front.
  3. A Sliding Shield that is adjustable up and down 50mm.

Fully extended vertical coverage is 142mm. With the Shield’s in its open front configuration, ADVance Guard’s height is 98mm.  Shield adjustments must made while the bike is stationary.

The Insert and Sliding Shield are injection molded in a resilient polymer and are easily attached or removed from  the aluminum Frame.

Currently available to fit BMW, Honda Africa Twin, and Triumph Tiger. Fitment Kits contain handlebar mounts, bar end spacers and bolts to custom fit each respective model. Additional brands and models will be added over time.

NOTE: ADVance Guards only fit motorcycles with a continuous tubular handlebar, whether its an aluminum taper bar or 7/8” steel bar.  It does not fit multi-piece bars that are cast  aluminum with short tube handlebar assemblies as used on many touring and sport touring models, such as the BMW R1200 RT, and RS.

ADV-GD-KIT 1- GS-LC ADVance Guard

R 1250 GS 2019; R 1200 GS 2013~2018

R 1250 GS 2019+
R 1200 GS 2013~18
F 800 GS, 700 GS, 650 GS all years
R 1200 R 2015~2018; R 1250 R 2019

$269.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

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ADV-GD-KIT 1- GSA-LC ADVance Guard

R 1250 GSA 2019; R 1200 GSA 2014~2018

R1250 GSA 2019+
R1200 GSA 2014~18

$279.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

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