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ADVance Guard Multi-functional Hand Guard will be available in late March / early April – just in time for Spring riding. In the meantime, you may email us to contact you when they are again available: sales@machineartmoto.com


  • BMW
    R1250 GS/A; R1200 GS/A
    R NineT
    R1250 R; R1200 R
    G 310GS
    F 800/700; F 850/750 GS
    Africa Twin Manual
    Africa Twin DCT
    Tiger 800/900/1200
  • KTM
    790/890 Adventure
    1090 ADV R; 1190 ADV
    1290 SUPER ADV

ADVance Guard multi-functional hand guards are uniquely designed to provide broad protection and easy adjustability for a variety of weather and riding conditions. ADVance Guards fit the most popular brands of Adventure Touring motorcycles.

Adjustable Wind Protection
ADV and Dual Sport riders must adapt to a wide variety of environmental and weather conditions – from rain and cold temperatures on the interstate, warm air in the countryside, or hot temperatures off road. The ADVance Guard height adjustable Sliding Shield and removable front Insert enable you to easily adapt to prevailing conditions without the need for tools.

Twin Spar Frame
The wide twin spar frame is designed to be easily configured. With or without the front Insert installed, the Frame covers not only the hands, but also the control levers and switches. Used by itself without the Insert or Adjustable Shield attached, the open center permits cooling air flow. The Frame mounts to the bar end and at a second point to the handlebar with forged aluminum Mounts shaped to clear control cables for different motorcycle models.

ADVance is an assembly of 3 main components:

  1. A Twin Spar Frame with an open airflow front.
  2. An Insert that snaps into the open front.
  3. A Sliding Shield that is adjustable up and down 50mm.

Fully extended vertical coverage is 142mm (5.60″). With the Shield’s in its open front configuration, ADVance Guard’s height is 98mm.  Shield adjustments must made while the bike is stationary.

Kits will be available to fit BMW, Honda Africa Twin, Triumph Tiger, KTM, and other Adventure brands to come. Fitment Kits contain handlebar mounts, bar end spacers and bolts to custom fit each respective model.

NOTE: ADVance Guards only fit motorcycles with a continuous tubular handlebar, whether its an aluminum taper bar or 7/8” steel bar.  It does not fit multi-piece bars that are cast aluminum with short tube handlebar assemblies as used on many touring and sport touring models, such as the BMW R1200 RT, and RS.