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ADVanced, Multi-Functional Hand Guards
Adventure Touring Ready!


ADVance Guard multi-functional, aluminum framed hand guards are uniquely designed for broad coverage and easy adjustability for a variety of weather and riding conditions. The patented ADVance Guard design fits several brands of Adventure and Dual Sport motorcycles and fitment will be verified to more models over time. They are the most versatile and effective hand guards available today.

Adjustable Wind Control
ADV and Dual Sport riders must adapt to a wide variety of environmental and weather conditions – from highway to single track, hot temperature in the dirt, warm air in the countryside, or driving rain and cold temperatures on the interstate. The ADVance Guard height adjustable Shield and removable front Insert enable you to easily adapt to prevailing conditions without the need for tools.

The wide Aluminum Frame protects the rider and handlebar controls against outcroppings on a trail, and covers the control levers and switches with or without the front Insert installed. Used by itself without the Insert or Adjustable Shield attached, the open center permits cooling air flow. The Frame mounts to the bar end and to the handlebar with forged aluminum Mounts shaped to clear control cables for different motorcycle models.

ADVance is an assembly of 3 main components: 1. the wide Twin Spar Frame with an open front for airflow; 2. an Insert that fills the open front when snapped in; and 3. a Sliding Shield that is adjustable up and down to control airflow and adapt to different weather conditions. Fully extended vertical coverage is 142mm. With the Shield in its open front configuration, ADVance Guard’s height is 100mm. Shield adjustments must made while the bike is stationary.

The Insert and Sliding Shield are injection molded in a resilient polymer and are easily attached or removed from the aluminum Frame.

Mounting Kits contain handlebar mounts specific to the models listed below, and may also include longer bar end spacers and screws as needed to assure a proper fit.  Product prices vary according to the Mounting Kit parts needed per model, and we will be verifying fit to more models over time.

ADVance Guard Features Summary

  • AIRFLOW CONTROL – open or closed front face
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE SHIELD – hand guard width at full height – 140mm, 5.625″
  • CUSTOM ALUMINUM MOUNTING KITS – fits a variety of makes & models

U.S. Pat. # 9,802,666;   # D813729


BMW R1200 GS_LC  2013+
BMW F800, 700 GS  2013~18
BMW R1200 R_LC  2015+

$269.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

Temporarily out of stock.


Triumph Tiger 800 XC, XR, XCA
2018 Not Available
Triumph Explorer 1200

$269.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

Temporarily out of stock.


BMW R1200 GS/A, 2005~2012
BMW R1200 GSA 2013
BMW R1150 GS/A 1999~2004

$259.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

Temporarily out of stock.


Honda Africa Twin Standard Trans

$269.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

Temporarily out of stock.

To reserve your ADVance Guards, please call 908. 652. 6679, or email sales@machineartmoto.com.


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$279.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

Temporarily out of stock.


BMW R9T Urban GS, Scrambler

$269.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

Temporarily out of stock.


Honda Africa Twin DCT Trans

Coming in July


KTM Adventure; Super Adventure

Coming in July