MudSling GS LC

Fitment with 1200 / 1250 GS/A LC Tires 

According to information gained to date, MudSling GS LC fits best with standard fitment tires like Metzler Tourance Next, Michelin Anakee, Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41R,  Pirelli Rallye STR, and Mitas E-07 – a 50/50 tireIt also fits a limited number of knobby tires, depending on whether mounted to a GS or GSA. This is due to differences in tire cross-section shapes and diameters. The GSA also has less clearance than the GS because of different suspension geometry and 20mm more suspension travel, so minor differences in tire shape will determine if the tire will rub the MudSling or not.

Knobbies that FIT with MudSling on the R1200/1250 GS and GSA:  Michelin Anakee Wild, Continental TKC70, Continental TKC80, and Mitas E-07.

Knobbies that DO NOT FIT with MudSling on the R1200/1250 GSA:  Bridgestone Battlax Adventure AX41, and Hidenau K60 Scouts.

Tire fitments above are according to our latest information and you fitments may vary.

Some customers have reported that Hidenau K60 Scouts are a close fit on the standard GS, while others have reported rubbing the MudSling when the tire is new. Hidenau K60 Scouts DO NOT fit the GSA. Because Hidenau DO NOT fit consistently, we do not recommend using them with MudSling GS LC.  Pirelli Scorpion Trail II are a close fit.

MudSling 1200 GS LC
Michelin Anakee Wild knobbies Do Fit on ADV shown below.
MudSling ADV

Among all tires clearance with the MudSling GS LC while on the center stand is the least. Taken off the center stand, the bike’s weight compresses the suspension slightly increasing clearance with the MudSling. With a rider aboard and the suspension working, clearance increases even more. The more the suspension compresses, the more the clearance.


A possible solution for tight tire clearance:

Apart from tire choice, we have also found considerable differences in assembly tolerances from bike to bike which can affect the position of the large under-seat plastic molded liner.  That large part is the MudSlings primary locator.

Here is an example reported by two customers that proved assembly differences among bikes to be true:
Two friends each bought a MudSling GS LC at the same time for their same year GS’s.  The
MudSling fit perfectly on GS #1 with sufficient clearance. The MudSling on GS #2 made contact with the swingarm. I asked the guys to swap MudSlings to determine if the variable was the bike or the part. When they were swapped, the MudSling that fit properly on GS #1, did NOT fit GS #2. Conversly, the MudSling that did not fit on GS #2, DID fit properly on GS #1.

To compensate for this possibility, there is a solution to try to gain 3~5mm between the tire and MudSling֭™:

1. Remove the seat to reveal two tabs which support the inner fender liner secured to the top of the frame rails.
2. Remove the two screws securing the tabs with a T25 Torx driver.
3. Find a 3~4 mm thick rubber washer 20mm in diameter, or cut it out of flat rubber stock.
Nylon washers may also be used. Insert the rubber shims under the plastic tabs and re-tighten the screws.
MudSling Solution 1MudSling Solution 2

This work-around usually works, but is not guaranteed depending on your bike’s assembly tolerances.