Important Information for International Customers

We recommend first that you search our International Dealer page and reach out to those closest to your location to see if they have your product in stock.

All Customers from the UK, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and Colombia

We have negotiated exclusive distribution relationships for certain regions with the following dealers:

Nippy Normans - UK and Europe

Elsee, Inc. - Japan

Bike Online - South Korea

EnMoto - Colombia

We do not ship to any of the above places. Please place your order through their excellent companies at the links below.

International Shipping Delays & Suspensions

The US Postal Service acknowledges delays to some countries/territories as a result of various ongoing disruptions. USPS has also suspended service to certain countries. Please follow THIS LINK to see the latest delay and suspension information.

Australia & New Zealand customers take note: We’re still seeing consistently lengthy delays in USPS regular priority and express services to your region. 4-6 weeks for some.

If you are ordering from, or shipping to, one of the places on the USPS lists, or live in Australia or New Zealand, you have some options:

1. Ship via DHL upon checkout. On average, DHL costs about twice that of USPS, but they have proven to be extremely reliable, relatively fast, and are operating with few to no restrictions.

2. Go to the International Dealer page on our website and reach out to those closest to your location first and see if they have your product in stock.

3. Contact Us if you need further assistance.