Avant GS LC

Fitment with Skid Plates on GS/A LC Bikes

Avant GS LC fits the 1200 GS LC with either BMW’s standard or optional Enduro skid plates. The photo below shows it with the Enduro plate.

Avant GS LC

Avant GS LC also fits the 2014 GS/A with BMW’s standard skid plate, but does not comfortably fit the GS/A with the optional Enduro Skid Plate part #77148533747. The reason is that the front end caster angle was changed on the GS/A, reducing clearance with the Enduro plate.

ALT Rider fits, but it’s close while on the centerstand. Off of the stand clearance increases sufficiently.

Avant GS LC with AltRider

A few other aftermarket skid plates do fit properly with the Avant on the GS/A LC.  Those made by Wunderlich and Touratech do not extend as far forward of the engine centerline as does the BMW Enduro plate, leaving sufficient room for the Avant. SW Motech fits as well (see customer note at bottom of page), but with a little less room to spare. The clearance worst case is when the bike is on its centerstand. When the suspensions is loaded clearance increases.

Wunderlich – sent by Lee S. “Good news! Purchased the Wunderlich skid plate for my 2014 1200 gs-adventure. Works perfectly with your fender extension”.

Avant GS LC Wunderlich
Touratech “Expedition” Engine Guard – sufficient clearance with Avant

Avant GS LC with Centerstand

BMW Enduro plate on GSA LC – Another GSA LC customer wanted the Avant’s splash protection but had already purchased BMW’s optional Enduro skid plate. On the center stand, the Avant almost touches the forward edge of the plate, but when off the stand when the suspension compresses, the clearance increases and increases even further with a rider aboard. Below are photos showing these two states.

Avant GS LC with Enduro Plate