ADVance Guard Kit 1-GSA

Fitment to BMW R1200 GS Adventure

Some customers have encountered difficulty fitting ADVance Guards to their liquid-cooled BMW R1200 GS Adventure (GSA).  This model, though very closely related to the standard-issue GS, includes a few features that make installation of the ADVance Guards slightly different.

First, the windshield. The adjustable windshield found on the GSA is wider than the shield found on the standard GS. The ADVance Guards can be installed using OEM handlebar end weights, however, the Guards will contact the windshield when the windshield is in its upper-most position and the forks are turned full left or right.  If the windshield is generally kept in a slightly lower position, following the included directions will result in a problem-free installation without any modifications to OEM equipment. If full range-of-motion is desired, some adjustments are required in addition to adding the parts in our GSA_LC FIT KIT.

Our GSA_LC FIT KIT includes a longer end weight to offset the Guard further from the centerline of the bike. This increases the clearance between the windshield and the Guard. NOTE: The included end weights have been sized to allow clearing the OEM GSA windshield, but they WILL NOT PREVENT CONTACT WITH WIDER AFTERMARKET WINDSHIELDS. Additionally, the updated handlebar mount in the GSA FIT KIT has a 3rd adjustment position added to improve the fit and reduce tension on the aluminum Guard.

Offsetting the Guard may require adjustment of the lever perches and, potentially, the clutch/brake reservoirs to gain adequate clearance between the handlebar mount and clutch/brake components. In most cases, fasteners only have to be loosened slightly to enable repositioning these parts.

Once all components are positioned properly, carefully tighten all fasteners to fix the Guard’s position. NOTE: Do not over-tighten screws. The threads in aluminum components can strip easily if over-tightened, so for added security, apply Loctite to threads. Be sure to check all clearances before riding and never attempt adjustment while moving. 

Kit 1-GSA Windscreen

Kit 1-GSA Fog Light Cover

Kit 1-GSA Handlebar Clearance