a DESIGN EDGE for your BMW

MaMo designs and develops specialized products to protect and improve your BMW.  Function drives the unique solutions – always with a Design Edge.


  • X-Head_LC cylinder guards are backordered until mid-May. Rapid sales caught us off-guard but you may pre-order now and get free shipping.  They can’t be beat with broad area coverage, super tough materials technology, and a modern design that looks great on liquid-cooled biles bikes.
  • Introducing AvantGuard, a new kind of  front end stone and splash guard for the R1200 R/RS_LC! The R/RS front fenders are too short and flexible to firmly support an effective front fender extension, so AvantGuard is designed to mount firmly to the engine and frame to protect it and the exhaust header surfaces from stone and debris abrasion.  It is a perfect companion to the already available MudSling rear suspension guard.  Learn more on the R1200 R/RS page.
  • 30% OFF on Avant front fender extension for 2005~2013 R1200 RT
  • 30% OFF on MudSling rear suspension guard for 2007~2014 R1200 R
  • Warmer weather will be here soon.  Slipscreen_LC is a quick swap enduro/sport screen for the R1200GS/A_LC designed for off-road riding and conditions where maximum airflow and minimum obstruction are a comfort advantage.  It is available in two colors – Granite Grey Metallic, and Black.
  • The Avant “no-drill” front fender extension for the 2014/15/16 R1200RT_LC protects painted surfaces, takes only a few minutes to install, and looks factory original.