a DESIGN EDGE for your BMW

MaMo designs and develops specialized products to protect and improve your BMW.  Function drives the unique solutions – always with a Design Edge.


  • Introducing AvantGuard, a new kind of  front end stone and splash guard for the R1200 R/RS_LC! The R/RS front fenders are too short and flexible to firmly support a long front fender extension so AvantGuard is designed to mount forward of the engine to protect it and the exhaust header surfaces from stone and debris abrasion.  It is a perfect companion to the already available MudSling rear suspension guard.  Learn more on the R1200 R/RS page. AvantGuard  is available now for pre-order and shipments will begin the week of February 15th.  
  • X-Head_LC cylinder guards fit all liquid-cooled models, including the new R1200R, RS, RT and GS/ADV! They can’t be beat with broad area coverage, super tough materials technology, and a modern design that looks great on these significant new bikes.
  • For riders lucky enough to live in warm climates throughout the winter Slipscreen_LC is a quick swap enduro/sport screen for the R1200GS/A_LC designed for off-road riding and conditions where maximum airflow and minimum obstruction are a comfort advantage.  It is available in two colors – Granite Grey Metallic, and Black.
  • The Avant “no-drill” front fender extension for the 2014/15/16 R1200RT_LC protects painted surfaces, takes only a few minutes to install, and looks factory original.