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X-Head Video Review

I just wanted to write to let you know that I have done an intensive test on the X-Head Protectors you sent me.

In my off-road ADV Skills classes, I have put my bike down at least 5 dozen times to demonstrate how to pick up a bike, how to recover the bike from a hill, and how to recover a bike that is wheels up hill. Some of these require rolling the bike onto the cylinder head, and then spinning the bike around while all the weight of the bike is grinding the X-Head into the rocks and gravel. The result it just minor scratches in the black cover that are barely noticeable.

Ialso was recently nearly run over by a pick up truck, and was forced to do a stoppie (which flipped the bike over) and broke the windscreen as well as broke two lights off the bike. As it was considered a hit and run (the other driver and I did not collide, but according to 4 witnesses, he caused the accident and then fled the scene) his insurance (we had him on video tape) had the bike covered. The shop/insurance totaled the bike, but there was NO damage to the X-Heads or the cylinder heads. The bike is still operable. I have no doubt that without the X-Heads, the bike would have fared much worse.

I just wanted you to know that even before this accident, I was sold on the product and have urged all my students and friends to switch to the MachineartMoto head covers.

You have an excellent product! Thank you.


Fran Tully
Dual Sport School