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X-Head customer review

___I was doing some maintenance on my GS today. When I removed the X-head valve cover guards from the bike I noticed that they were cracked and broken at the bosses that the fasteners pass through. They’ve been on the bike for about 2 years and 20k miles. I took some pictures of the failed areas and sent them to MachineartMoto with an explanation that the failures had not been caused by the bike’s being dropped but probably by heat from the exhaust’s making the plastic brittle.

Within a couple of hours Andrew, the owner of the company, sent me emails saying that the company had improved the material from which they are manufactured and that a new set was already on its way to me at no cost. That is absolutely incredible customer service. I’ve recommended these valve cover protectors to club members before. Not only do they make a good and attractive product but their customer service is unbeatable.