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The MachineartMoto Brand

Good design is central to the MachineartMoto brand. It is a distinguishing characteristic that enhances the products’ functional benefits and makes our BMW’s look cool.  MaMo evolved out of my design firm, Machineart Industrial Design, which continues to operate in parallel with the motorcycle side, developing products in many product categories.  I know that, given two products that perform about the same way are priced within a reasonable range of each other, we all select the one that looks the best.  As much as we try to justify a purchase on the basis of a practical consideration, the fact is we vote with our hearts most of the time and buy things because they give us pleasure in some way.  Of course, it ultimately has to do well what it was designed to do to have any value.

Tom Peters, a management consultant and writer author known for his book In Search of Excellence , said that “design is all you have to sell”. Taken in the broadest sense of design for function, design for attractiveness, and design for personal expression it is what compels us to want to have and use things.  BMW, Apple, ……are a few of the best examples of brands whose success is due to design being a key marketing strategy.

A brand is not just a logo. It is a relationship between the maker and the people who select its products and take pleasure in their ownership.  In this relatively short time of MachineartMoto’s existence, I have concentrated on two key elements in that relationship – innovative product design and personal service. That is where the value lies in our relationship with customers and my goal is to keep this advantage compelling enough to make a community of users who understand the benefits and don’t settle for a copycat product that may be less expensive.