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The Avant12GS – doing what it was made to do

“I have the MudSling and the Avant12 front fender extender. I had a 2009 BMW GSA and just picked up a new GSA 2 weeks ago and transferred them over.

I just completed 4600km across Wales, England, France, Belgium etc on everything from Motorways to single track roads. It rained – it rained a lot. I couldn’t believe it when I had a look at the cross pipe on the exhaust.

I don’t normally commend a product but that is a well designed piece of kit.”

Happy customer,



The Avant 12GS for the 2005~2012 GS and  2013 GS/A models fits with AltRider’s skid plate. So far, the only aftermarket plate we are awareof that does not fit with the Avant 12GS is made by Black Dog.
AV12 w AltRider