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Support Innovation NOT Copycats

___Why does your MudSling cost more than the Maier product?

Thanks, Lee


A good answer requires addressing several facets of the reason why our products cost what they do. Bear with me and I think you will have a much better understanding.

You commented that the pictures of the new MudSling Max look great (photography of the part itself will be done soon).  You recognized one of the core benefits of MachineartMoto products – they look really good. Our focus is the development of products “with a design edge” – original products that solve functional problems for riders while looking better, fitting better, and being better finished than anyone else’s. The effort invested in originality and attention to detail is reflected in a fair price for the products.

Maier Manufacturing in Grass Valley, CA copied our MudSling a year and a half after its introduction.

Instead of evolving their solution in an original way, they copied our fastening method, mounting surface geometry and even the exact shape of the depression for the ESA unit. It could have been done any number of different ways just to avoid the stigma of “copycat” but they didn’t bother.

The reason Maier can sell it at less than half of our price is that they did not have to incur any design and development expenses and do not have to amortized them in the cost of their product. Our product cost reflects the weeks of development labor – mock-ups, CAD modeling, multiple prototypes and lots of trial and error.  Machineart paved the trail – Maier rode it without paying a toll.  Their parts are poorly trimmed, have a non-GS-like glossy surface and look as inexpensive as they are. I have more respect for the guy who proudly fashioned a splash protector out of a gallon milk jug spending nothing at all. At least he was being creative.

The MudSling MAX in which you are interested is an evolution of the standard MudSling and will replace it entirely when the standard product sells out.  We designed the MAX specifically to add additional benefits for customers, and to elevate and separate it in the market from the low cost copy. It is both longer and wider than our standard MudSling and the Maier copy, having 12% more coverage area, and is shaped at the sides to work with Jesse, Micatech and all other aftermarket bag mounts.  The Maier product does fitting with your Micatech bracketry without doing hand trimming.

We only have a few MudSling Max’s until the full production order arrives at the end of the month.  When they come, the cost of the standard MudSling will be lowered to separate it from the MudSlingMax that will sell for $149.  We have one ready to send you.

When you buy a MudSling MAX, feel good about supporting the creative team that brought it to you and know that it helps foster new products from which you can benefit in the future.