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1 XH

X-Head v.3

X-Head Cylinder Guards are unique in the market -  tough, and wide to protect both the valve and spark plug covers. Molded in an impact modified nylon polymer, v.3 is upgraded with higher heat & chemical resistance. X-Heads protect a broad area & are the best looking solution available.

Included are stainless steel bolts with Nyloc threadlock patches so they stay tight. They fit with the following crash bars: BMW OEM; Adventure Designs crash bar extensions; Touratech; Hepco Becker; SW Motech, and Heed. Does not fit Z-Tecknik. If your bars fit BMW's OEM cylinder guards, they will fit with X-Head. If your crash bars have had an impact, check that you have a minimum of 15mm clearance between the closest part of the left side valve cover and the inside of the crash bar to assure a good fit.

$189.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

How many ? 57 units in stock.

3 Avant12

Avant 12GS

4 12GS MudSling


MudSling™ defines the market for GS/ADV rear fenders with the best quality fit, finish, and appearance. MudSling™ protects your suspension from mud, tar, rocks and reduces clean-up. It mounts with screws to two existing bosses on the frame and ties into the side frame rails for a secure fit. It provides clearance for knobby tires and fits all rear shocks - stock, aftermarket, and ESA. It is also shaped to fit OEM & most aftermarket side cases mounts, including Micatech, & Jesse OdesseyII - low pipe version.

One of the photos in the series to the left illustrates the benefit of having a MudSling mounted compared with none at all on two bikes that traveled the same route. Read a review on WebBikeWorld.

$139.00 (Excl. TAX) per set

How many ?

Please note that this product is currently inactive and only visible to admin
Please note that this product is currently inactive and only visible to admin