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X-Head 1250

fits: R1250 GS, GS/A, RT, R, RS 2019 ~ 2022

X-Head 1250 cylinder head guards fit all 2019 / 2022 Shift Cam engine models: GS, GSA, RT, R, & RS.                        NOTE: X-Head 1250 Do Not Fit Over the 719 option - it must be removed to install.

X-Head's thick, high impact strength injection molded material is slightly ductile to absorb impact force and prevent breakage. In between the shell and the cylinder head is a thick thermoplastic rubber liner that aids in dissipating impact force while preventing hard contact. Each side mounts easily with 3 stainless steel M5 T25 Torx Head screws provided.

X-Head 1250 covers 75% of the face of the head to protect not only the bottom/front initial impact area, but also the mid part of the cylinder head. Even in a stationary drop, inertia can cause a bike to roll partially onto the face of the head before it settles down. X-Head 1250 fit perfectly with BMW's crash bars. For off-road riding they fill the vulnerable spaces in-between the bars to protect heads from rocks and strike angles on terrain that can get past the crash bars.

Fitment with aftermarket brands of crash bars may vary, depending on the amount of clearance available between them and the cylinder head surfaces. To install X-Heads on bikes already fitted with crash bars, the bars will have to be removed to provide enough working room for X-Head installation. It is a straightforward bolts off, bolts on procedure.

X-Head 1250 are here to protect - and look good in the process!


$229 (Excl. TAX) per set

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