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MaMo Light Bars for R1200/1250 R/RS

MaMo Light Bars enable fitting LED driving lights from either BMW, or Clearwater Darla -shown here- to the 2015~2018 R1200 R/RS or 2019~2023 1250 R/RS.  MaMo Light Bars fit easily with the AvantGuard engine protector and are a lower cost alternative to BMW's light bracket.

To mount Denali LED Lights, the optional Denali Fender Mount Kit must be purchased separately from Denali.

MaMo Light Bars are individual left and right sides finished in satin black powder coated steel and mount directly to the frame in the same location as BMW's bar. They enable both the benefit of improved LED driving light illumination and the protective benefit of the AvantGuard. Mounting hardware is included.

Fit Compatibility: MaMo Light Bars fit with sufficient clearance to X-Head cylinder guards, BMW crash bars, SW Motech crashbars, and Wunderlich 26440-202 crashbars.




$89 (Excl. TAX) per set

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