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R1200R/RS_LC Bundle: Avant R/RS + MudSling

The Avant Guard R/RS front engine guard & MudSling rear suspension guard Bundle for the 2015~2018 R1200 R/RS_LC are a matched set designed to protect vulnerable surrounding surfaces from stone abrasion, tar, and mud accumulation.

NOTE:  Avant Guard R/RS also fits 2019~2022 R1250 R/RS - ONLY if the two lower fairings are removed for installation clearance.

At its widest point, 11.5" (295mm), it partially overlaps the exhaust headers to reduce stone abrasion and leaves sufficient clearance for cooling airflow.

The MudSling’s™ Rear Suspension Guard protects the Paralever arm, rear shock, and electronics module, while reducing splash out to the sides onto riders' legs. MudSling's coverage area is 8.5" wide x 16", while looking slender from the side. It looks well integrated with the R/RS bikes' styling.


$198 $169 (Excl. TAX) per set

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