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Bundle R1250/1200GS_LC Avant + MudSling™ 

fits: 2013~23 GS_LC 2014~23GSA_LC

COVER BOTH ENDS of your liquid-cooled GS for 15% less. Fits 2013~2023 R1200/1250 GS and 2014~2023 R1200/1250 GS/A models.

The Avant GS_LC front fender extension and MudSling™ GS_LC rear fender bundle are a matched set designed to protect vulnerable surrounding parts from rock  throw-back, tar, and mud accumulation.  No crude drilling of mounting holes needed!

The Avant, with 5.5" of extra length and 2" of width,  protects the painted front surface of the engine from being inevitably pock marked over time. It mounts in 3 minutes, engaging the tip of the stock fender with a molded-in "shoe", and  with two compact screw clamps that engage the underside of the stock fender. You can easily remove it again for maintenance or move it to another bike.

FITMENT:  Avant GS_LC fits the 2014+ GS/A with BMW's standard skid plate. Avant does NOT FIT the 2019 Adventure with the optional Enduro Skid Plate - part #77148533747. To enable longer suspension travel on the ADV, front end caster angle was changed reducing clearance between the Avant GS_LC and the Enduro plate.

MudSling™ protects the rear shock and surrounding areas from rock scrapes, mud and tar accumulation, while reducing rain splash out to the sides onto the backs of riders' legs.  It's surface width is increased to each side up to 3" and downwards 7" for a total of 200% more coverage area than stock. MudSling™ is precisely shaped to engage the bottom of the existing fender and fit against both side frame tubes where it is secured with nylon zip ties. Installation takes less than 5 minutes. MudSling™ fits with BMW stock pannier mounts for both the GS and ADV, as well as Touratech Zega Pro, and Jesse. It does not fit with Hepco Becker mounts.

Avant GS_LC and MudSling™GS_LC fit with BMW lowered suspension models. Both are injection molded in resilient polypropylene, and have the same fine surface texture to match other molded surfaces on the GS.


$208 $177 (Excl. TAX) per set

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