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Avant RT1250 21+

fits: 2021~2022+ R1250 RT

NEW - Avant RT1250 21+ front fender extensions for 2021~2022 BMW 1250 RTs are temporarily out of stock! Products will be here in late May. To pre-order, please call 908. 652. 6779.

BMW changed the shape of the 2021 & 2022 RT front fender and the new Avant RT 21+ design adapts to it perfectly. Fitment is easy - No hole drilling is required in your brand new purchase!  Avant RT21+ fits over the top of the stock RT fender and secures at its end with a unique molded-in saddle. Two stainless steel compression clamps grip the underside of the stock fender on two sides, drawn tight with T25 Torx Head screws.

The Avant RT1250 21+ front fender extension protects the silver painted front engine cover and surrounding parts from damage caused by stones, debris and tar accumulation thrown back by the front tire. The design adds 6" of extra front fender length and 2" more width than the stock fender to help reduce maintenance on pipes, and surrounding components and keeps engine surfaces looking new longer.

Avants are injection molded in resilient polypropylene with a surface texture that matches the RT fender. The characteristic flared wing shape widens the splash coverage area without looking wide. Avant RT1250 21+ are Functional, and Look Good in the process!

$79 (Excl. TAX) per set

More available in early June!

Out of Stock