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MudSling12 Five * Rating

I have a nearly new ’07 BMW 1200 GS Adventure. The only problem was, it was a little too tall for me. I had purchased a Russel Day Long Seat, so a lower seat was out of the question. So, I ordered and installed Wilber shocks, 2″ lower.

Everything is cool till I see how much mud will be getting on my new $700 rear shock, so I try to mount up the factory OEM mud guard for it. Didn’t really fit very well and I hate stuff cobbled up on my bike, a cut up Purex bottle would work, but….

So, earlier Andrew @ AdventureWorkshop was telling me about a new inner fender mud guard they would be coming out with. I called him and luckily they had just came in the day before, so I ordered one.

A few days later the brown truck delivers a package. So, 10 min. later, it’s installed. Let me tell you this thing fits perfect, 2 screw holes line up and just snaps into place, then secured by 4 zip ties. The thing looks really nice and even though I haven’t been in mud yet, it has to protect underneath my bike and especially my shock. It beats me why BMW wouldn’t have these on new bikes.

So, in conclusion, I give the Machineart Mudsling a 5 Star and a ‘must have’ for the GS.”

Thanks again, Andrew.

Vic Hicks