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MudSling Fit on R nineT standard model

Please read the information below before placing your order for the MudSling R-NineT to fit the Standard model:

The MudSling R-NineT easily fits the Pure, Scrambler, Urban GS, and Racer models with the OEM shock because these do not have a Preload adjustment feature. However, the standard model R-Nine-T rear shock is preload adjustable and its mechanism is comprised of an adjustment body with knob.  This mechanism faces the rear of the bike as delivered by BMW and directly interferes with the coverage area of the MudSling.  Naturally, we did not want to exclude the original R-Nine-T from the benefits of MudSling fitment, so an adjustment to the Preload adjustment body position is necessary.

First, before starting installation, we recommend that you take a ride and set the pre-load adjustment to your preference. Then, remove the adjustment knob with a T25 driver (To break the grip of Loctite, you may need to use a Ratchet Wrench with a T25 Torx driver). Hold the knob securely to prevent it from turning while the screw is being removed. Please see the downloadable instructions on the product page for details on removal.

Next, the Preload Adjustment cylinder must be rotated to the right.  It is fixed to the shock via a small set screw (see photo). Loosen the set screw slightly and rotate the adjustment body as shown in the photo below, then re-tighten. This position allows enough clearance to mount the MudSling. Do not re-install the adjustment knob because of insufficient clearance between the shaft and the brake fluid reservoir. Any needed adjustments can be made with an 8mm socket or box end wrench. This was a necessary design compromise to fit a MudSling to the standard R nineT model only.  The Pure, Scrambler, Urban GS, and Racer models do not have a preload adjustment feature which simplifies the installation process.

Exchanging the OEM shock for a premium aftermarket model like the Ohlins bm440, or bm650 eliminates the clearance issue on the standard R nineT.

Activated Charcoal Filter Canister

BMW equips their bikes with an Activated Charcoal Filter Canister that traps and filters unburned fuel.  R-nine-T models are all equipped from the factory with one of the canisters shown below. Early model (2014-16) R9T’s have the larger canister (right) mounted, while 2017+ and derivative models (Pure, Scrambler, Racer, Urban GS) use the smaller canister on the left. The larger of the two canisters also has a module mounted to the top of the canister and their very large size inhibits mounting a MudSling to the early models.

MudSling fits properly to all models equipped with the smaller canisters on model year 2017, 2018, and 2019 bikes without any modification.