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In the interest of tolerance…

Over the years I’ve ridden the GS in both its GSM and stock BMW configurations and learned to love the big bike for what it does so well.  I bought a 2010 GS to ride and to develop a DOHC version of the X-Head cylinder guards among other items. Except for the MachineartMoto parts that are mounted, it is stock and appealing to me in the way I think BMW’s designers intended it to be – a rough hewn movie hero with a heart of gold.   It’s still not beautiful – the GSM is there for that level of my aesthetic enjoyment – but the stock bike does have character and I enjoy it for that.  It is interesting how a growing respect for a motorcycle or anything else in life often changes to be more positive than the initial impression the more we get to know it.

MachineartMoto, born out of an industrial design business and a love for BMW engineering, now has a life of its own dedicated to designing and producing specialized products for BMW twins. More new ideas are in development and my intent is to capture that part of the market that appreciates originality and style in the solution of practical rider needs.  My R90S remains the sweet link to that blend of style and performance.  That design edge is what we have to sell.