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For What It’s Worth. . .

For what its worth, I have been showing and pointing people to the website so they can get a look at the R1200GS concept and the R1200GSM design…everyone has been quite excited about it and its been the talk of most current Beemer owners – old and new alike. I overheard two younger members of our local Club saying that if they could add this type of front end to the GS, then they would buy one…both of them currently own F800ST machines. More of the 25 to 35 crowd is getting interested in the Beemers (all models) – from a local perspective. In assisting with both BMW demo ride days this year in our area, its obvious that the average ‘test’ rider was in closer to the 30 to 45 range, and many much younger. Most of them, height and reach permitting, were keen to try the GS machines, as well as the new 1300 of course. Your design is a great way to ‘refresh’ how people think and see the GS – a great concept.