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For the 2014 BMW F800GS/ADV

MachineartMoto is at the mercy of manufacturers’ mid-product cycle updates, as are all motorcycle aftermarket product manufacturers.  We know they are inevitable but can’t plan for them in advance of a sudden new model change announcement. A friend and frequent customer, Bruce Cole from Canada, told me that he had just acquired a 2014 F800GS/Adventure even before I had known about its addition to the F800 line. Bruce has been kind enough to test fit products that were available in Canada prior to the States in the past so was eager to see if the  MudSling and Avant front fender extension from his F800GS would  fit his new Adventure.  Even before I had seen the bike he reported that the Avant does fit properly, since BMW retained the same front fender as before. The MudSling rear suspension guard was not as easy.  BMW, in the process of adding extra capacity to its side mounted fuel tank, enlarged the rear sub-frame and changed the fender liner enough to preclude the usual hand-in-a-glove fit of MaMo products.

Bruce, on his F800GS/ADV, and I met at he BMW RA rally in Asheville North Carolina a few weeks ago where I could personally inspect the bike and understand the problems with the MudSling fit. I’m tenacious in my attempts to make something work, but had to soon conclude that enough physical relationships had changed underneath the bike to require re-tooling and new MudSling production.

I know what has to be done. However, it will be a while before we’ll be able to address it because of other projects in progress.  I would just counsel 2014 BMW F800GS Adventure owners to bear with the grime until I can announce some relief.

Machineart Man