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Excelent Customer Service

After mangling one of the OEM valve cover protectors last year on my GSA (it performed its sacrificial job well), I did a bit of research on alternatives and then bought a pair of the Machine Art Moto X-Head guards. They fit and looked great, and didn’t even really get scratched after a couple of drops in the dirt.

I’ll spare you the (dumb) details, but Wednesday night I managed to drop the bike on my driveway when dismounting in the dark. Much to my surprise, the left X-Head valve cover guard shattered into about a dozen pieces upon impact. Thursday morning I called Machine Art Moto and left a voicemail message wondering about a replacement. I got a return call from Katie, and after explaining the situation she advised there had been some other problems like mine reported and she’d send a new and improved pair of guards right out to me.

I got home from work today (Friday), and my new no-cost replacement guards are already there awaiting me, along with a free neck warmer thrown in for my trouble. I know excellent customer service when I see it, and this is it! It was a pleasure dealing with these good folks, and I highly recommend you give them a try.

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