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Customer Service

___ADV Rider thread

___I like the aesthetics of the Machineart one; it looks like it was designed for the bike. This was the first time I’ve seen it. The others I had seen looked so shabby they put me off. As I’m going in the mud more regularly and my back end is looking increasingly shabby, I may have to spring for one.

Ceri JC, UK GSser

___I was on the fence about whether to get a Mudsling or the cheaper Maier mud guard, and after seeing the customer service exhibited here, just pulled the trigger on a Mudsling. My shock will be so happy not to be bathed in mud anymore!

Doug 4.15.11

2009 BMW F800GS

I ended up sending Andrew @ Machineart a couple of pictures of my Mudsling. He agreed definitely that I was due a new unit free of charge, only had to pay $14 for shipping. Asked for my mailing address and a type of payment for the shipping charge. Well I kinda spaced off returning his request and guess what showed up last Thursday, a brand new improved Mudsling.

Called Andrew to settle up the shipping cost and he said don’t worry, he decided to cover the whole deal. Totally Cool !

Customer Service, that’s what it is all about for me.                                 KelleyJoe    4_17_11