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Shipping Information

EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS: Nippy Normans is our exclusive distributor in the EU. Please order from NippyNormans.com or sales@nippynormans.com.

JAPAN CUSTOMERS: Elsee, Inc. is our exclusive distributor in Japan. Please order from elsee.com/import or contact s_sasaki@elsee.com.

KOREA CUSTOMERS: Bike On Line is our exclusive distributor in S. Korea. Please order from www.bikeonline.co.kr or call 82.2.3143.5547.

COLOMBIA CUSTOMERS: EnMoto is our exclusive distributor in Colombia. Please order from www.enmoto.tv or call 57.311.383.8702.

AUSTRALIA CUSTOMERS: Motohansa is our exclusive distributor in Australia. Please order from www.motohansa.com.au or call 61.2 0407218842.

Shipping Quote

Shipping Policy:
Products are shipped via either UPS or USPS, and you are sent a confirmation email through the respective carrier. For any claims of non-delivery, you must contact the carrier to obtain its transport and delivery record. MachineartMoto bears no responsibility for any shipping delay or failure to deliver by the carrier, nor any loss of goods after delivery by the carrier to the addressee's location.