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ADVance Guard Fitment

The new ADVance Guard is designed to fit multiple Adventure Touring and Adventure styled motorcycles. We are verifying fit to more models over next several months. The ADVance Guard page on this site lists only those bikes to which we have confirmed a proper fit. As more models are approved they will be added to the list.  Below are fitment and product questions received from riders thus far.

Feedback – A Customer who installed the ADVance Guard on his G650X single reported that it reduced handlebar vibration and handling feels lighter.   That benefit works similarly to handlebar end weights to dampen bar movement.  That’s an added value to its strength, coverage and adjustability.

7) Q: Eric – I see the BMW guards are out, unfortunately I traded my wife’s BMW for another Ducati. Any plans to expand this line for Multistradas and Hyperstradas in 2018?  Great product btw!

A:  Eric:  We would like to offer them for the Multistrada, but Ducati’s have turn signals integrated with its hand guards which the ADVance does not. We don’t plan to do a specific model for Ducati because of the complication and cost involved in doing so to satisfy a small segment of the market.

6) Q: Shaun Nice-looking product! Any chance that these will be made to fit a BMW R1150GS?

A: Hi Shaun Yes, we have verified that the ADVance Guard Kit-2 fits the R1150GS and it is now listed in the ADVance Guard page!

5) Q: KTM 1290 ADV?

A: Sam – we’re finalizing the manufacturing of a spacer that is required to allow fitment to the KTM that will be available in approximately 4-6 weeks. We’ll let you know when it is complete.

4) Q: David How is the protection if the bike goes down? Is there any more reinforcement than stock BMW guards? Can you replace individual parts if they are broken in a crash? Looks and functionality are fine, but how about beyond Starbucks?

A: David – The ADVance Guard frame is a solid aluminum twin spar design that provides superior strength in a drop or impact with an outcropping off-road. I personally went down at 40 mph on a paved, rock strewn curve on my 1200GS and the ADVance Guard struck the surface. It remained intact and unaffected, except for a scraped surface coating. BMW’s OEM hand guard is  not reinforced with metal and flexible, while not providing much vertical wind deflection area. ADVance Guards provide a robust structure, while its polymer front Inserts and wide Sliding Shields provide a level of air flow adjustability for different temperature and riding conditions that no other brand can. Parts are available for replacement, if necessary. In my case, after the crash I just lightly sanded the scraped area and resprayed it black. One sliding shield was scraped so that was easily replaced in a few minutes.

David’s Response:  Good answers and something I would personally incorporate into your presentation. I don’t think serious on/off-road riders will care about the scrapes if the durability and protection features are there. Completely agree with your comments regarding BMW OEM guards. I will keep these in mind for upgrades Sir. Thank you.

3) Q: Alex Honda nx750 ?

A: MachineartMotoAlex, Not yet verified. We will be verifying fitment for many makes and models over the coming months – please check our website periodically for the most up-to-date fitment verification for various bikes. Thank you!

2) I have a F700GS w/ third-party windshield.
genuine handguards conflict windshield, so I removed them.
do this handguards kit also conflict?

The ADVance Guard Kit-1 fits the F700. There are many windshield maker, shape and mounting variables so it may or may not fit with your windshield. Angle adjustments of the ADVance Guards are possible when mounting so after they are loosely attached, a clearance check with controls, cables and any windshield will have to be done. Turn the forks left and right, lock to lock, and adjust their position before tightening the ADVance Guard fasteners. It is essential that this be done to assure safe operation. If anything makes contact and you find adjustment range is insufficient, you must remove or modify the windshield, or remove the hand guards.

1) Which kits fit the RNinet Urban G/S ?

ADVance Guard will fit the R nineT, however, it is not yet being sold for that bike yet because a bar end spacer needs to be procured and added to the Kit. We are working on a solution and will announce it after completion.