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The X-Head v3.0 is solid on the HP2-Enduro

Our Japanese distributor, Shigeru Sasaki, sent us the following report about the performance of MachineartMoto’s X-Head cylinder guards mounted to a customer’s
HP2 during a recent enduro competition. The X-Head used was v.3, made of the newest material evolution:

“A report was sent by a customer who used X-Head 3.0. As for this customer, it was used after X-Head 2.0. The vehicle is HP2-Enduro. The rider is aggressive and runs in an
enduro race and off road.

While he installed X-Head 3.0 this time and ran a dirt course road, he seemed to
fall down considerably hard. When it was the former X-Head, it was
completely demolished.
However, 3.0 seemed to protect a head cover without injury, really.
He was surprised very much and we were impressed by this evolution of
the product.”