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2013 F700GS – MachineartMoto Product Update

Avant fender extension for the F700GS ?
One of the things any company in the motorcycle aftermarket needs to deal with is periodic model refreshes by bike manufacturers that may affect how an existing accessory fits – or fits at all.  We’ve been producing the effective and easy to install Avant front fender extension for the F800/650 GS for several years now.  Last fall BMW introduced the F700GS, replacing the F650 in the line, and completely changed the design of the front fender.  The Avant fender extensions are designed to conform perfectly to the contour of each fender for the best fit so what worked with for the F800/650GS is no longer compatible with the F700GS.  Fortunately, our existing design for the MudSling rear fender fits it just fine.

We’ve made a decision not to produce an Avant fender extension for the F700GS despite customer inquiries about it.  The reason is expected low sales numbers that will not justify the cost of development and production tooling.  The bike is excellent and a better value than the F650GS, but since it is a refreshed design it is likely to undergo a major change in 3~4 years. I think the total numbers produced will be low in comparison to the 800 so we have to pass on the opportunity.